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The Uses for Mother of Pearl

In ancient history pages it is found that mother of pearls were worn by woman and it was considered to be a sign of wealth and social status in the society. Men wore mother of pearl buttons in their clothing. They
also used to decorate their hunting guns with mother of pearls. In museums we still see lamps, photoframes, furniture s, flower vase etc, where nacre is used. This nacre makes pearls. It is deposited inside the mother of pearl shell.
Mother of pearls is made by living organisms called Mollusks. Calcium carbonate is secreted by them. These secretions are very smooth to touch and they shine like silk. Mother of pearls are used to make costume jewelry for neck, ears, hands bracelets, pendants. Cufflinks, tiepins, watches etc. used by men.
Calcium carbonate is very hard and used in flooring or any architectural construction work. An artificially
colored or tinted nacre got from the mother of pearl is laminated a base of marble or ceramic tiles. These are then polished to get a shinny glossy surface. Similarly nacre can be glued to glass and than used to make table tops, counter tops, furniture or in windows etc.
Musical instruments have nacre motifs decorated on the keys of piano or on the guitars, violin,accordions. Spoons are made from mother of pearls which are also known as caviar spoons. With metallic spoons the taste of caviar is spoilt so, mother of pearl spoons are used.
According to jewelers the cost of a mother of pearl depends on its luster. Its value increases according
to its size and perfect shape. Pearls are white which stands for peace and innocence. They have a very respected place in the religious scriptures. Pearls not only adorns the necks, hands, ears, etc. of women but today we see them adorned by deities at religious places. Pearls never go out of fashion but they are always?from centuries ago and will travel centuries ahead.
We should take special care of our natural gemstone. Mother of pearl shell are very delicate and easily damaged or scratched. Even they get damaged or loose their luster by coming in contacts with cosmetics and perfumes. When you remove them after wearing them wipe them with soft cotton cloth and then keep them in a box wrapped up in a soft cloth. They should be kept separately and not with the other jewelry. Because of their softness pearls get scratched. The Internet is right there waiting for you to be discovered and have the great opportunity to explore the amazing offers.


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