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Mother of Pearl - The History and Origins

Mother of pearl is the iridescent composite matter that lines the shells of mollusks. It is the formative material (known as nacre) for natural pearls. It has many uses in cosmetics and jewelry as well as commercial building materials.

The Mother of Pearl is not a gemstone per se, but organic mineral that is created by living organisms. While most people are aware of pearls, the Mother of pearl is made from the same substance
Mollusks such as oysters and abalones create the mother of pearl by secreting special substances that consist of calcium carbonate. The scientific formula is CACO3. This secretion is extremely fine, less than a millimeter thick and it is created into a structure of platelets that kind of resemble bricks.

The Mother of Pearl has a very smooth and silky texture and is extremely appealing to the touch. It is used many times for jewelry, tiles (as a home product) and as a substance used to coat objects such as fine instruments.

Mother of Pearl can be white with iridescent colors and these colors are due to the fact that the platelets are about the same size as light waves. Mother of Pearl has been known to man for thousands of years and can be found in many regions, especially in Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia. It is said to have many magical and mystical qualities such as helping a person to be cleansed, to help a person have faith and to be pure.

The white color of the Mother of Pearl can make one feel very peaceful and less stressful and calm. Besides mystical qualities, the Mother of pearl is a popular home product for tiled floors. Usually the Mother of Pearl is attached to a fiberglass mesh and created into tiles for flooring or even countertops.



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