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Why is mother of pearl mosaic tile home decoration so hot

A popular element: contracted fashion

In recent years, most owner loading room will choose "contracted style". Complexity of complex family decorate a style is already past tense, now people to decorate the big spending more rational, practical economic "contracted style" is the general public have to chase after hold in both hands. Contracted and fashionable young people become the first choice of decoration.

Have been popular for several years of contracted style will still in this year's domestic outfit market dominant. Contracted and not simply to decorate, but a kind of contracted and fashionable decorate a style. In the contracted design all in a simple, natural as the principle, tonal on still will with light color is given priority to, wood will be used in home outfit more. The room wall arrangement is mainly given priority to with light color attune, don't use too much complex design.

Popular element 2: the green environmental protection

As people of the quality of life is exquisite, will no doubt more attention to environmental protection and has the high quality household environment.

Domestic outfit in the choice of materials, environmental protection "healthy" domestic outfit material will become this year's main material selection. Advocate to give up affectation, the return nature, abandon artificial material products, the wood, masonry, grass rattan, cotton and other natural materials used in interior decoration is this year the design direction. Stylist says, natural ecological will be another big design popular trend, this year the interior decoration to the environmental protection pursuit besides the choice non-toxic harmless decorate material, will display the natural elements of the love and references. If use log, flowers and plants, animals and plants such as shell as a design element and pattern, the pursuit of the harmony of color and texture. Especially in the balcony, the design of the attic, hope to have more close to the sense of nature.

At the same time, household act the role ofing is tasted also become more natural and plain original, such as root carving of the brush pot, natural stone, plant flowers and plants, the cane makes up process, wrought iron, etc., permeate the earth and the sun's breath, they will play a natural effect, lets the home face regression elegant, realize the nature plain side. From the overall point of view, indoor modelling simple, apply more pure real wood material, indoor whole is tonal should use more white, light green, light yellow. On the choice of furniture should consider pine, cedar wood and other natural solid wood furniture, this kind of woodiness furniture can best embody the natural texture of log.

Popular elements 3: exotic amorous feelings

With rich exotic decorate a style, this year is still loved by people. The personage inside course of study says, exotic amorous feelings can be roughly divided into three trend: one is Nordic amorous feelings. Use Nordic board type furniture characteristics and wooden gentle colour and lustre, make full chamber is permeated with a kind of close to the sense of nature. The second is Mediterranean amorous feelings. This kind of style the central European furniture, partial classic or partial modern style all can, bring the romantic and lively feeling. The third is the bedroom yard turn amorous feelings. Use of pebble, wood block, natural rubble, small woody plants and other garden props, coupled with lighting, lighting, and other means with the indoor naturally together, a stream of simple natural wind blow on the face and come.


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